Safe Rooms

Safe rooms, also known as panic rooms, are places in any building that are designed to be invulnerable to attack or intrusion. Henleys can build you a bespoke safe room and make it blend in with your existing decor.

Advantages of using Henleys safe rooms

If attackers want to get into your home it is extremely difficult to stop them. Here are some key features of our safe rooms:

  • Your family or employees can be properly protected
  • You gain time to call for help when under attack
  • You can prevent contact with aggressive burglars
  • Valuables such as jewellery, money, documents, data, guns and more are protected
  • You can provide a safe haven for your valuables when the property is not occupied

Single or multiple safe rooms

Henleys can create single or multiple safe rooms in one installation including bedrooms, office doors, kitchens and more. We can even create safe zones around a home or business premises. Our high security doors and reinforced steel walls will stop any intruder that breaks in from getting to you, allowing you to safely call for help.

QUICK QUESTION – Can you tell which one is the steel reinforced safe room door in the photo below?

safe room doors london uk

The answer is no, of course, but importantly neither can an attacker. Our unique doors can be made to be identical to others in your house giving you a safe place to retreat to. We can also manufacture to your own design.

Why choose a Henleys safe room?

Our experience means that you get a fuss-free installation. We manufacture and install our own high quality product here in the UK. It’s fully tested and has been awarded the police approved ‘Secured by Design’ award. You can see why we’re proud to provide it to our clients.

Don’t become a statistic. Contact the experts in steel reinforced security doors for friendly help and advice on safe rooms now.