Stunning cross-grained walnut internal doors

This beautiful cross grain walnut veneer high security door includes three of our high security deadbolt mechanisms and polished chrome hardware. We’d go as far as to say that the pictures don’t do this justice – the installation looks stylish and contemporary but with a unique twist.


This forms part of a recent installation using the popular Spartan internal security door, installed and manufactured by us. We are being asked more and more to provide doors that offer just that little bit extra to the high end doors that you can see on so many buildings. We use high quality woods and veneers to achieve this and the end result works very well as you can see here.

Despite the top-notch high quality looks, this door is strengthened by our highly resilient steel core and powerful security locking systems that are leading the industry.

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high security internal bedroom door

Security bedroom door and walling

This is an internal high security bedroom door with polished chrome hardware, recently fitted for a client. It’s a four-panel door, designed to look the same as the client’s existing doors. Hardware is polished chrome throughout. Here is a close up of the fitted high security deadbolt locking mechanism which has a 42mm throw:


high security deadbolt 42mm-throw


We also installed security walling which included some concealed 5mm steel mesh:


safe room steel mesh


Plasterboard is then fitted and, once plastered, it’s ready for the room to be painted:


safe room walling plasterboard


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Flush panel walnut doors in Hertfordshire

These stunning walnut internal doors were recently completed in Hertfordshire. They are ‘flush’ walnut and each of them have 3 of our high security deadbolt locking mechanisms fitted.
We used ‘sectional security’ to create safe zones within the building.  This means that if an intruder did manage to penetrate the security in one area then there is another area to retreat to. When you are in this second area you are also protected behind a Henleys high-security door (and reinforced walls where required).
High quality hardware completes the look and makes these doors discreet and stylish yet they maintain their superb attack resistance. Get in touch for a chat now to see how we can help you to secure your home or business.

Stunning 6-panel walnut doors

We have recently manufactured and fitted these absolutely gorgeous 6-panel walnut security doors to an installation in Cambridgeshire. Our client requested multiple identical doors which you can see in the last photograph below.

Walnut is a straight-grained hardwood that ranges in colour from a deep chocolate brown to a more yellowy tint. The darker colour, which is usually wood taken from the centre of the tree, is more popular with our clients because of the luxurious feel that it adds, especially to internal doors. Adding the panel relief adds interest and style and these doors have a larger centre panel (rather than the traditional ‘Small/Medium/Medium’ layout) which helps to gives a feeling of height. Couple this with a bespoke moulding that runs all around the panels and you get a door that just oozes quality.

As you can see from the finished photographs, the moulding complements the intricate door architraves perfectly. We also show an image of the doors prior to fitting by our installation team. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Walnut is typically clear-coated or oiled to bring out its colour, but you can choose from a wide range of finishes for this and the vast range of alternative hardwoods and softwoods that we can supply for your project. Get in touch with us now for a chat or a free quotation


Stunning 6 panel wood grained security door

This trio of doors was fitted recently and sport a crisp, white finish and 6-panel detailing. As you can see, there was no remedial work to be done after fitment, something which our clients really love!

The 2 side views of the security door show how discreet a Henleys installation can be. Apart from our superb, high-security lock which is fitted as standard there is nothing that gives a clue as to this door’s hidden strength. And it’s strength that our doors really do have, which is why our installations are UK police accredited and certified.

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Bespoke door matching service

We not only make our own steel-reinforced security doors but can offer a bespoke door matching service that is truly second-to-none.

Recently fitted to a property in Essex, these doors sport an understated but quite contemporary dyed black oak finish and are topped off with some stylish chrome inlays and hardware.

We can make pretty much any door with any size and finish, so get in touch now and see how we can help. We offer our quotations free of charge and can generally fit most doors within a day, leaving no mess behind and nothing for our clients to ‘make good’.

Modern grey doors with inset groove

These contemporary doors in a stylish grey finish were installed to the ground floor of a large property in Liverpool. They effectively combine to ‘zone off’ the upstairs of the building which is a common way of securing larger areas that are accessible from multiple entrances.

The doors are detailed with an inset ‘groove’ that adds interest and breaks up large, flat areas of colour.


Lime washed oak double bedroom doors

We fitted these impressive lime washed oak double bedroom doors to our client’s property in Little Aston, West Midlands. The stunning double doors form a grand but extremely secure entrance to a large and luxurious bedroom.

The choice of door furniture adds a degree of opulence and a high quality feel to the entrance. Pay particular attention in the photographs to the sides of the door. You’ll see there is no ugly steel on show, despite our patented steel core running right through the heart of both doors. This results in a secure room that can protect you and your loved ones from attack and safeguard your valuables.




Light oak angled security door

We are regularly asked if we can do special shaped, angled security doors. The answer is yes! While the majority of our work is rectangular, there are instances where clients will require a full security door with a special shape.  Since we manufacture these doors we can accommodate special shapes like the one you see here.



This was recently fitted to a client’s bedroom in Ashford, Kent. As you can see, the top edge needed to be cut to suit the framework. This is no mean feat considering we run a full steel core through the full width of the door.  You’ll notice that all sides of the door are actually finished in wood so that none of the steel remains on show.  Henleys’ doors are the only high security doors that can look like any other internal door but outperform them in all security tests.

Advantages of our angled security doors

The advantage for us (and you!) is that we can design and construct the steel core at our manufacturing stage and then simply fit it at your property. This results in a clean installation, no steel cutting on-site and a happy customer. The door’s integrity is maintained and, as you can see, the finish is extremely high quality, just like our other doors.

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Black dyed oak veneer with polished chrome inlay

This was a recent installation in Loughton, Essex, that used a crisp and modern polished chrome inlay over a contemporary black oak finish. You can see the client’s dark stair balustrade in the photos which our door complements beautifully. White architrave and skirting adds a strong contrast to make this a striking choice for any home.