Bulletproof security doors and walls

Henleys can construct bulletproof (ballistic-rated) doors and walls that will transform any room into a secure area or safe room, resistant to advanced levels of attack using weaponry. In fact, our range extends to:

  • bespoke bulletproof walling
  • single or multiple bulletproof doors
  • complete bulletproof safe rooms

We can incorporate high performance bulletproof plates into our doors, offering incredible resistance to firearms. The range of ballistic shields use the latest high performance materials technology.

Construction methods for bulletproof walls

bulletproof-wall panels supplier uk studwork

As you can see in the image above, we can apply manual attack resistant panelling with a layer of ballistic rated material onto new or existing studwork, making it possible to create a completely bespoke safe room for you. The manual attack layer is tested to BR4 which gives great protection against grinders, crowbars, power drills and more.

We can provide ballistic resistance datasheets on demand, please contact us here for more information or take a look at our Safe rooms and panic rooms page