Safe Rooms

Henleys specialise in installing bespoke and discreet safe room protection. We convert bedrooms, en-suites, bathrooms and wardrobes into safe areas to keep you secure should an intruder enter your home. Safe rooms, often called panic rooms, provide you and your loved ones a place to retreat to until help arrives. Henleys are able to provide safe room kits to new-build projects or we can convert your existing rooms into safe rooms.

It’s estimated that, in the UK, a householder is attacked by a violent burglar every 30 minutes

sources: Daily Mail and The Telegraph

Safe rooms are fast becoming the preferred, modern home security system for protection against intruders that force their way into your home to attack you. Our clients include previous victims of an aggravated burglary, celebrities and many high & ultra high net worth individuals.

Our safe rooms explained

For most safe rooms there are 3 main areas of security:

  1.  Walls, floor and ceiling (physical security)
  2.  Doors and windows (physical security)
  3.  Alarms and camera systems (detection services)

Henleys specialise in providing the high security physical protection products such as the walls, flooring, ceilings and security doors. We offer 3 protection levels to choose from to suit your individual requirements. These are explained further below.

Safe room protection levels for security walling, flooring and ceilings

Security walling – Medium protection
We reinforce walling with structural stud work, install thick steel mesh and finish with plasterboard or timber match board. This is designed to protect against intruders armed with basic tools and is an excellent product for those clients looking for additional security protection.


Security walling – High protection
We add steel plate to walls, floor and ceiling. Henleys’ plating is designed to protect against attack from multiple tools including grinders and cutting material. This walling is designed to protect against intruders that have pre-planned an attack and are looking to obtain certain items. This is suitable for clients such as those who deal in gold or jewellery.

Note that our construction methods allow all services to run through the wall as shown above.


Security walling – Bullet resistant protection
We add bullet resistant panels to walls, floors, doors and ceilings. Bullet resistant (BR) panels are manufactured to protect against a range of fire arms. We offer BR protection ranging from 9mm handguns through to 357 & 44 Magnum and shotgun protection. Clients wishing to add BR protection to their home can often overlook the weight that a bulletproof room can add, this is of particular importance to 1st and 2nd floor installations when homes are made of standard construction brick walls and timber floors. To combat this we offer a lightweight and heavyweight version for different applications. You can easily contact us to discuss your options.


Security door protection levels

We have 3 door ranges offering different protection levels. Please note that you can change the style and finish of all our doors, these are just examples:

Viking door

viking panic room door uk henleys
  • Door match service available
  • Hidden steel core
  • Hidden steel frame
  • 6 point locking system
  • Standard reinforcement
  • No bullet resistance rating

Spartan door

spartan safe room security door uk henleys
  • Door match service available
  • Hidden steel core
  • Hidden steel frame
  • 12 point locking system
  • Upgraded reinforcement
  • No bullet resistance rating

Titan door

titan safe room security door uk henleys
  • Door match service available
  • Hidden steel core
  • Hidden steel frame
  • 12 point locking system
  • Upgraded reinforcement
  • Bullet resistance up to 9mm handgun, 357 & 44 Magnum, shotgun


How much does a safe room cost?

Each of our customers have different requirements so we can’t offer an accurate price without knowing a few details first. However, if you let us know your basic specifications then we can definitely give you a guideline price.

Contact our London, Birmingham or Manchester office (numbers at the bottom of the page) or use the form below to let us briefly know your requirements and we’ll get in touch.


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