Henleys security doors: Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a security door can be difficult so we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you to decide. In sections 2 and 3 you’ll find some specific questions that we often get asked about our internal and external doors.

1. General questions about Henleys doors

Q: What makes a Henleys door so strong?
A: The unique internal steel core, developed and manufactured in the UK

Q: Could people tell by looking at a Henleys security door that it is a security door?
A: No. Since it is manufactured with a unique hidden solid steel core and a choice of hardwood or softwood timber finishes.

Q: What size doors are available?
A: Every door is bespoke (made-to-measure) so we can cater for ANY door size.

Q: Is a Henley’s Security Door harder to break in to than a composite or upvc door?
A: Very much so. In general, composite and uPVC doors are tested to a residential standard called Pas24, which is a low standard of break-in testing. This usually consists of using screwdrivers and chisels. Henleys Security Doors are tested to commercial standards that are much tougher against the use of tools such as crowbars, hammers and axes.

Q: Is any ongoing maintenance required on the door?
A: The high security locking mechanism will require usual minor maintenance, which is applying lubricant once a year. The timber fa├žade is just like any other timber that can expand and contract, so this will need the same treatment as any other door within the home.

Q: What door styles are available?
A: Every door is bespoke so we can provide any door style.

Q: How long does it take for my door to arrive?
A: Delivery and installation times are subject to individual circumstances and location, please call for exact delivery times.

Q: Can I fit the door myself?
A: Yes, if you are a joiner or have good knowledge of installing a timber door.

Q: What accreditation do your doors have?
A: Our doors were tested and accredited by an independent testing company and still use the same robust design today. More info here

Q: What testing criteria have your doors achieved?
A: Henleys doors have reached STS202 (BR2, BR3 & BR4) Issue 3:2011 which is a strict standard for burglary resistance


2. Internal door questions

Q: What is the purpose of a security bedroom door?
A: A Henleys door can transform an existing internal room into an area of safety like a typical panic room will. This can protect you and your family from intruders if they enter your home. It can be locked automatically or manually when you go to bed or can be used to protect valuables when leaving the home

Q: Why is a bedroom security door an essential measure for home security?
A: Most of our customers have been subject to an aggravated burglary or have a fear of being subjected to such an attack; they also generally want to protect themselves and/or their possessions by using an affordable method of protection, much like a panic room. Whilst double glazed windows and doors make you feel safe, they are very inefficient in stopping an intruder from gaining access to your home. If you become a victim of aggravated burglary and you are fortunate enough to have a Henleys door installed, you can be safe until help arrives.

Q: Is a Henleys Bedroom Door a panic room Door?
A: No. A panic room is a specific room to retreat to when under attack. Unfortunately, the reality is that many victims of an aggravated burglary would not have time to reach the panic room before intruders could attack them. A Henleys security bedroom door creates a safe place in the same way a panic room will but with the advantage of time to secure locks as you are often already in the room. We believe our security doors are a more practical and beneficial measure for home security.

Q: What are Henleys modern Safe Rooms or Safe Bedrooms?
A: Henleys security doors and reinforced walls turn existing bedrooms or internal rooms into modern safe rooms. Coupled with modern alarms and phone technology, Henleys bedroom security doors and security walling will allow clients enough time to call for help in safety and be able to wait for the police to arrive.

Q: Do you offer bulletproof walling?
A: Yes, we can build bullet resistance into internal walls and incorporate these into our safe rooms and zonal security layouts. See bulletproof walls

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3. External door questions

Q: How much stronger is your door than a composite front door?
A: There is no comparison really. Henleys security doors have steel cores that prevent the usual methods of forced entry. The surrounding framework is also made from steel providing an extremely strong barrier to attackers.

Q: Could people tell by looking at a Henleys front door that it is in fact a security door?
A: No. The door’s inner strength is uniquely disguised with a choice of hardwood or softwood timber finishes that you would find on standard exterior doors.

Q: Can I have security exterior AND interior doors from Henleys?
A: Most definitely. This gives you total peace of mind and we can quote you for these at the point of survey. Because we manufacture our own doors, we can match other doors in your house or place of business.


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