These are genuine testimonials from some of our customers.

Being slightly off the main road the installation of a Henley security door has made our house much more secure. We are having a spate of daytime break ins and it is nice to know we can go out and our special bits and pieces are safe from prying eyes.

Thank you again for the installation, your guys were very professional from start to finish.


The customer service was outstanding and the end result is exactly what we wanted. The quality of the security door is reassuringly excellent and the installation and finish was flawless.

Mr Shaun R, Bristol


internal security bedroom doorWe just wanted to write and thank your two extremely nice pair of guys, Andy and Rob for the expertise shown whilst fitting the security door .They were very caring clean and tidy, you wouldn’t know they had been.

The door itself is exactly what we were looking for. The make up not only of the door but also the surrounding architraves is so good that when closed or open it appears to be just an ordinary door. A worthwhile investment for continued peace of mind, THANK YOU.

Some happy Essex people


As victims of an aggravated violent burglary we were left feeling vulnerable and unsafe in our home. The intruders quickly bypassed our double glazing and security gates and were not deterred by our monitored alarm system. Before we realised what was happening the intruders where pounding up the stairs and battling with us at the bedroom door. Henleys security doors where able to install several internal security doors and a security bedroom door to our home, allowing us to create secure areas within our home to make it very difficult for any future intruder to be able get up the stairs to our bedroom.
Henleys offered us a professional, helpful and friendly service and were able to replicate the doors that they have replaced so you cannot tell they are security doors. I would be happy to recommend Henleys security doors and would be happy to advise everyone to have a Henleys bedroom security door to their home in the hope that they never suffer the trauma that myself and my wife have suffered from the aggravated burglary.

Aggravated burglary victim Cambridgeshire


Very pleased with the quality & installation of the door. “We now feel secure & sleep well. Jason and Steve were very thorough from start to finish and went the extra mile to take our wishes into account. I would recommend Henleys to anybody who wants peace of mind for themselves and their family”.

Aggravated burglary victim, West Midlands


“The security door installed by Henleys has provided peace of mind for me knowing that my family are safe, as I am away from home often due to work commitments. I am extremely pleased how Henleys were able to replicate my old door. I am very impressed with the strength and quality of the door and that I now also have a secure room to keep my valuables safe. Henleys are a friendly company to deal with and I am happy to recommend them”.

Investment banker, London


Securing My Office and Apartment
“Hi Jason, here’s a few lines about the doors you fitted.
After many happy years in our house the day came when the last of our children left home to make his way in the world. This left us in a house that was too large for our needs so to provide us with a little extra income we decided to convert the basement back into a self contained flat as it had been when we first bought the property many years ago. We were stuck for a secure solution of separating the flat from the main house whilst still allowing it to be accessible if required, for obvious reasons we weren’t very comfortable with just an ordinary lockable door on the stairwell. We researched many secure door companies but were left a little nonplussed at most of the designs which seemed in the main to resemble a slab of spray painted steel. We love our home and have it decorated just how we like it, we have also replaced all the old 1970’s style sapeli doors for matching 6 panel colonial style ones and we didn’t fancy being confronted every day by an overgrown fridge door that would stick out like a sore thumb! When we stumbled upon Henleys website it seemed to be the answer to our prayers, high security doors that would be matched to the existing doors in our property. We spoke to Steve and arranged a survey and very soon Jason arrived and talked us through all the options available. We placed our order which in addition to two security doors also comprised of a fire door for the bottom of the stairwell to the flat. The doors were manufactured and a date was arranged for installation. The installation team couldn’t be faulted, they were very professional and left the work area beautifully clean at the end of each day, needless to say the workmanship was first class. Not a lot impresses me these days but I was genuinely bowled over by the quality and engineering of these security doors, they are beautifully put together and the way they are installed leads me to believe it would be extremely futile to even attempt to gain entry by any other means than using the key. They perfectly match the existing doors in our property and more importantly give us peace of mind that nobody could gain access to our home from the flat below. If your seriously thinking of having a security door fitted in your home I can wholeheartedly recommend contacting Henleys Security Doors, you won’t find a better option anywhere.”
Once again many thanks for the service Jason, I’m very happy with the result. Regards


Steven Charles Quance, Jewellery Quarter
I’ve been a jeweller for 26 years & have always been security conscious. Moving into an office after years of having a shop, I needed to find an interior door that would give me peace of mind every evening. That’s when I came across Henley Security Doors. The building the office is in is old where the walls and ceilings are far from level. This wasn’t any trouble for the guys at Henleys. Although parts of the walls had to be taken out, the finished job was immaculate, as well as the area the fitters had been working in. The carpet was vacuumed, shelves dusted down, probably tidier than when they’d started! Not only is the door secure, it gives a fantastic first impression to clients calling for appointments, classic & tasteful”.
“I was so impressed with the way Henleys conducted themselves and their business I had several doors fitted at home with the same results. I would recommend Henleys Security Doors to friends & family alike without any hesitation. Knowing that my family are safe in the comfort of their beds every night is priceless”.
Thank you again
Kind regards
Mr S Quance


I became a widow three years ago and found that being in the house on my own at night was very stressful and caused me to have many sleepless nights.
The thought of someone breaking into my home while asleep scared me so much.
I then heard of Henleys Security Doors and decided to have one of their doors fitted on my bedroom. I must say it is amazing as I can now lock it with the knowledge that I am perfectly safe. The company were very proficient and fitted the door and cleaned away any rubbish and vacuumed too so when the workmen left I had no mess to clean up and had this brand new security door. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company to anyone.
I can also now go on holiday and lock all my valuables in my bedroom in the knowledge that they will still be there when I get back.
Vulnerable widow in Sutton Coldfield


I have recently purchased a new house although I’ve yet to sell my present one! I have several valuable assets and wanted to be sure that they, although insured, would remain in my possession. I did my ‘on line’ research and Henleys outweighed any of the completion by some considerable degree. The quality of the door is superb, Henleys match your current door so nothing ‘sticks out like a sore thumb’, a cursory glance and one would never have any idea that there was anything different, the design, colour and fittings are identical.

Whether or not you’re interested in a ‘safe’ room or just a room to remain ‘safe’ in is your choice all I can say is I made the right choice and I am delighted with my purchase.
Name supplied on request