Bespoke safe rooms and steel core security doors

Henleys provide bespoke safe rooms that can withstand violent attacks. We can create a safe room from any room in your house or business premises. For example your bedroom, study, office, or garage could be turned into a secure zone that keeps intruders out. We achieve this by fitting our timber finished steel security doors and modifying your walls to include high levels of protection against hand tools, power tools and even firearms. We can also build a completely new room for you.

Our Police Approved signature steel cored doors are incredibly strong, yet we cover the steel on all sides so they resemble a standard door. The finish can be anything you want, matching other doors or adding a touch of luxury to a room with high quality woods or sprayed finishes.

Secure internal door UK

What is the Henleys difference?

Our doors are unique and have some incredible features that you won't find in our competitors' doors:

  • We completely conceal the advanced solid steel core inside
  • We can colour match your existing doors
  • We manufacture our own doors in the UK
  • We create safe rooms, secret rooms, gun rooms, vault and cashrooms
  • We can utilise multiple woods and build to any size
  • We can apply high gloss spray paint (think 10 Downing Street!)
  • We have ballistic upgrade and reinforced walling options
  • There's a choice of handles, knobs, latches and other hardware.
We firmly believe that our doors are the best in the business by far!

Case study and video testimonial

A strong testimonial from one our clients and a brief overview of why everyone should have a protected 'safe zone' within their home.

Secure steel door for homes

Secure internal doors

We use high security locks as standard and couple this with our signature steel-core wooden doors. Despite the added strength our doors look completely standard, so they are perfect for domestic internal use. You'll find them no more difficult to use than a normal door, so they can easily be fitted to a bedroom to make it an extremely safe place to retreat to if you have 'unwelcome' visitors.

Modern security alarm systems are vulnerable and often ignored until it's too late. Our doors keep attackers out until help arrives, keeping you, your family and possesions safe from harm.

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