Chrome and brushed steel inlay strips for doors

Henleys can supply stylish chrome and brushed steel inlays for doors, whether as part of our internal or external security door fits or direct to our customers.
When these simple, decorative embellishing strips are added to a door, the whole look can change. Interior designers love them because they can pick up on furniture accents, they are relatively inexpensive and they add another texture to the door. Even the look of plain doors can be lifted with these trim pieces and they can match or complement the door hardware.
black oak door chrome inlays decorative steel
Our embellishing strips are manufactured to strict tolerances and come in either a brushed steel (matt) or bright chrome finish.
chrome brushed steel inlay wood door


The sizes of the brushed steel effect inlays are:
Width: 11 mm
Length: 2650 mm
Depth: 1.5 mm
The sizes of the polished chrome effect inlays are:
Width: 8 mm
Length: 2650 mm
Depth: 1 mm

Contrasting woods – design ideas

Below is an image of one of our safe room doors being installed. You can see how we have combined contrasting wood finishes and separated them using our inlay strips.  Note that the wood grain direction is also different, so the separation helps to harmonise things. The end result is tasteful, simple and modern.


brushed steel stainless door inlay supplier uk



If you are interested in our security doors or would like to know more about our decorative inlays, including direct purchase from us, please get in touch here now.