Bedroom security

Creating safe rooms and safe bedrooms is the next step in home security against the potentially violent intruder. You can achieve this by installing a Henleys safe room reinforced door to your bedroom with further possible upgrades to these rooms, such as strengthening the walls/windows/ceilings and loft hatches.

Why Henleys bedroom security doors beat a dedicated panic room

From our experience and the victims of burglary that we have worked with, it was obvious they would have never had the time to get to a dedicated panic room when they were attacked. In our experience, regardless of other security measures, the victim is more than often woken with the attacker standing over them. If they had a Henleys bedroom reinforced door they would have been protected from a face to face confrontation with the perpetrator.

A purpose built panic room can cost approximately £20-£30,000 which is a large amount of money for a room that is never going to be used as explained above. A Henleys safe bedroom, can be as little as a 10th of the cost of the above, so the Henleys burglar proof door benefits far outweigh having a dedicated panic room.