What will my security door look like?

If you are concerned about how your security door will look, you shouldn’t be. At Henleys, we believe that your door should fit in with the rest of your surroundings which is why we are known for our discreet security doors.

They may have our high-strength steel core running through them and a matching steel framework, but we uniquely cover our internals so that our doors looks much like any other. Our bespoke matching service often amazes our clients and the end result is a high quality door that will stand the test of time.

Here are a few pictures of a typical bedroom installation showing both sides of the door, the locking edge and the hinges (click to enlarge):

Here is an image of what our superb, multi-point locks look like when the deadbolts are extended into the frame. Retracted, they show just the cover plate and latch:

Chrome door hardware multi locking


As you can see it is a very discreet appearance which is what makes our doors so unique in the marketplace. We firmly believe no other door comes close to our quality, fit and finish.

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