Burglary victims

If you have recently suffered a burglary or break-in we understand exactly how distressing it can be. You are probably looking at our website because you have already been in this situation and you are looking for a more secure and long-term security solution. For most people, this means something that’s far better than an alarm…

A sanctuary within the home

A safe place to sleep in or retreat to when your house is being attacked is a simple yet effective way to avoid confrontation and to enable you to sleep soundly once again. Henleys can install a door that creates a discreet safe room which can be used by you and your loved ones if you are under attack. The majority of our past and present customers could not sleep because of the trauma and stress that a break-in had caused, so by simply adding a high security door that looks like the other doors on the landing they now go to bed in the knowledge that our doors can stop confrontation altogether, especially if it is your bedroom door that you have locked when going to bed. This could likewise be any room of the building. Storing your valuables in this extremely secure room will also help to minimise any losses when being burgled. (Note, please click here if you are looking for a front door solution)

Replacement door Emergency Service

Henleys offer a Priority Emergency Service for burglary victims that gives you our speediest attention, fast-tracking your order through our system. Through our large number of installations, we believe that this is something that can actually help people to feel, and indeed become, more safe and secure in their own home. 

Our steel-cored security doors can be installed in virtually any home or business location. While it takes a little bit longer to source and match the exotic wood finishes that some of our high-end clients require, we can offer a speedy turnaround on many choices and finishes of door. We can also reproduce your existing doors, just call us to discuss your requirements.

Large range of door finishes

Here are just a few of our best-selling door finishes, click on any image to enlarge.

Don’t forget that these security doors all come with the following as standard:

  • Our unique, discreet solid steel internal core
  • High security deadbolt locking mechanism
  • Manufactured, supplied and fitted by UK professionals
  • Tested by Exova to STS202 / BR2, BR3, BR4 (SR2, SR3, SR4 equivalents)    More information on testing here


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