Light oak angled security door

We are regularly asked if we can do special shaped, angled security doors. The answer is yes! While the majority of our work is rectangular, there are instances where clients will require a full security door with a special shape.  Since we manufacture these doors we can accommodate special shapes like the one you see here.



This was recently fitted to a client’s bedroom in Ashford, Kent. As you can see, the top edge needed to be cut to suit the framework. This is no mean feat considering we run a full steel core through the full width of the door.  You’ll notice that all sides of the door are actually finished in wood so that none of the steel remains on show.  Henleys’ doors are the only high security doors that can look like any other internal door but outperform them in all security tests.

Advantages of our angled security doors

The advantage for us (and you!) is that we can design and construct the steel core at our manufacturing stage and then simply fit it at your property. This results in a clean installation, no steel cutting on-site and a happy customer. The door’s integrity is maintained and, as you can see, the finish is extremely high quality, just like our other doors.

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