Metal inlays

Many customers are now requesting metal inlays on our security doors. These can be fitted horizontally or vertically and allow the doors to be integrated very easily into any interior design. The inlays are available in stainless steel, polished chrome or brushed aluminium and add a touch of style and design to any door finish. Importantly, they do not compromise the superb structural strength of our doors at all.

The inlays are very good for separating cross grain veneers as the picture below shows:

stainless chrome aluminium door inlay

Metal inlays – a popular choice for architect and designers

When added to rich, warm woods, metal inlays offer a distinctive contrast that further accentuates the wood’s natural beauty. For architects and designers, the use of different textures such as smooth metals and high quality woods can really add interest. This then allows each room opening to become a stylish entrance to a beautifully designed room. Many of the interior designers that we see will pick up on these accents elsewhere, adding stylised inlays to furniture and fittings.

Door inlay design options

If you are looking for an exclusive inlay design that really stands out or just want to add a touch of style to your high quality security door, let us know here and we can discuss the options and finishes available.