Jensen Button gas attack burglary

Reports suggest that burglars who robbed the home of Formula 1 driver Jenson Button and his wife Jessica pumped gas into the house to put the couple and their friends to sleep.

According to Mr Button’s spokesman, the two intruders stole £300,000 ($464,000) of jewellery from the rented villa in Saint Tropez, including Mrs Button’s engagement ring.

The suspicion that gas was used – a claim made by Mr Button’s spokesman and one that police would not comment directly on – echoes reports of previous attacks against wealthy individuals and celebrities.

Former Arsenal footballer Patrick Vieira said he and his family were knocked out by gas during a 2006 raid on their home in Cannes. And in 2002, British television stars Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine said they were gassed while attending the Cannes Film Festival.

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