Henleys at the 100% Design Show

We were proud to show our innovative products at this year’s 100% Design show at Olympia in London. It’s the largest and longest-running trade design event for industry professionals in the UK. Celebrating a quarter century of unearthing some of the industry’s most influential people, this year’s show was an unmissable destination for design and innovation.

This year, the UK’s leading design trade event sat alongside Design Museum, the world’s leading museum devoted to contemporary design. 100% Design London features a carefully curated selection of the world’s leading interior brands such as Arper, Benchmark, Dare Studio, Boss Design, Liqui Contracts and Antonio Lupi. Other exciting brands include Swedish furniture makers, Gärsnäs, Bsweden and the contemporary Italian furniture company, “da a”.

A fantastic line-up of more than 400 exhibitors were there, showing the latest products across furniture, glazing, lighting, textiles, accessories and more, whilst striking installations, inspiring collaborations and innovative projects featured thought-provoking experiences and pushed the boundaries of design.

If you are looking for exciting new ideas and want to see our unique approach to home safety, we’d be happy to chat about security door and safe room options for any property.

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London Homebuilding & Renovating show

Henleys are proud to have been exhibitors at the London Homebuilding & Renovating show at ExCel, London. The response we had was truly incredible from public, builders, architects and many other industries.

We’ll be at many other shows around the country of course, but you can contact us meanwhile through this website for a friendly chat about our products or arrange a demonstration of our fantastic internal security doors and external security doors.

Thank you all for your interest!

Home Security Doors Prevent Burglaries

Our Home Security Doors Can Help Prevent Burglary

Earlier this year, burglars forced their way into a couple’s home at night in the quiet coastal village of Saltdean in East Sussex. At 11.15pm on Thursday 5th February 2015 police were called to the address in Nutley Avenue, East Saltdean, after several men had forced their way into the house through the front door, threatened and assaulted the man and woman living there (both aged 52). The burglars, one of whom was believed to be carrying a long barrelled shot gun, demanded cash, although in the end nothing was taken. Both of the victims were treated for minor cuts.

Sadly this type of burglary, where entry is forced through the front door, is more common than is thought, and is highly distressing for the victims.

Our Home Security Doors Can Help

At Henleys Security Doors, we manufacture and install internal and external wooden security doors, with concealed steel cores, that can help keep burglars and intruders out and keep you, your family and possessions safe.

Our home security doors have received a top accreditation from West Midlands Police and also independent testing house Exova, which means they are approved by the police to help deter and keep burglars out of your property. The doors include:

  • High Security door locks approved by the chief of Police Officers
  • ABS door Barrel and up to 12 point deadbolt locking systems.

Click here see the full range of security features built into our doors.

Contact Us for Help and Advice on Home Security Doors

If you are considering improving your home’s security, contact us for an initial chat. We’re happy to come to your home to discuss your requirements.

Shield Security Doors Limited administration

shield security doors limited insolvent administration help

Since the news broke that one of our competitors, Shield Security Doors Limited, went into administration in March 2017, we have been asked on several occasions if we are able to finish jobs that were originally started by them or quoted for by their sales team.


We would like to point out that we are in no way affiliated with Shield Security Doors Limited, their insolvency, suppliers, liquidators, or administrators.

Whilst we can’t help with any of their deposit refunds for obvious reasons, we are able to fit our own security doors to your home and business premises at extremely keen prices. This may help you to finish a project that you currently have unfinished with them. Here are a few common questions with answers:


Q. Can you finish a job that was a high security external door installation?

A. Yes, we offer one of the strongest external security doors available, made-to-measure and in most finishes.
See our external doors

Q. Can you provide internal security doors that match our other doors?

A. Yes, we hide our steel core in a solid wood outer and can even reinforce your interior walls right up to bullet-proof standards.

See our internal doors

Q. Do you provide safe rooms and gun rooms?

A. Yes, our team can manufacture and install a complete safe room for your valuables, guns etc that also keeps your family or staff safe from intruders or attackers.

See our safe rooms and gun rooms

Q. Are you based in the UK and do you buy in your doors or manufacture them?

A. Yes, we are a UK company, based in the UK and we manufacture our own doors right here in the UK too. From the metal fabrication used in our steel cored doors right through to finish joinery we do everything ourselves. Consequently, we are not affected by import restrictions, shipping timing and other countries’ politics (and there is a lot of that going on currently!).


Importantly, we can also finish any job that was started by Shield and abandoned when they went into administration. It’s sad when customers get directly affected by insolvency, receivership or administration like this but we’ll try to help where we can. Our product is superior to others on the market and we can provide you with at least the level of security that you originally ordered from Shield Security Doors, in most cases more.

Contact us now to discuss how we can help



Tom Cleverley victim of baseball bat & armed raid on Manchester home

Armed thieves stole 2 cars, expensive handbags and jewellery from Premier League footballer Tom Cleverley’s Manchester home. Both Cleverley and his wife, Georgina Dorsett, were in the house. Mrs Dorsett is also a high profile celebrity being an ex-TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) star. Their 2 year old daughter was also present but fortunately all 3 are unhurt, though obviously shaken by the event.

Everton midfielder Cleverley has explained how his family were violently threatened with baseball bats in the recent raid on his mansion by armed robbers. The stolen items include watches, jewellery and 2 very expensive Range Rovers.

The horrible part of this crime, and one that is becoming more commonplace, is that they were both present inside the externally gated house at the time, spending a quiet night in with their 2 year old daughter. Burglars carry out more ‘callous’ raids when people are present in their properties and violence is often threatened or carried out. The solution we offer gives you a safe place to retreat to, giving you time to request help and protecting your loved ones. Valuables and car keys etc. can also be kept in this room as well, further bolstering your security and minimizing losses.

Manchester United’s Angel Di Maria home burglary

Scaffolding poles were used by 3 burglars to smash their way into the Cheshire home of former Manchester United footballer Angel Di Maria. All this took place while the Paris Saint-Germain footballer was eating dinner with his family.

The gang of armed thugs brutally used the metal poles in to break through patio doors at his Cheshire mansion. The 26 year old player was eating dinner with his wife Jorgelina Cardoso and young daughter when the horrific raid started. Shortly after the event, the family put their house on the market and moved to a hotel.

When considering unfortunate attacks like this, external security doors can give your home better protection while internal security doors allow a safe place to retreat to when faced with aggression such as this.

Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy burglary

Back in 2011, Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy’s £4.5 million Cheshire home was burgled and jewellery, laptops and watches stolen. The impressive Alderley Edge mansion was previously owned by England cricketer Freddie Flintoff.

Unfortunately, Mr Crouch has previously been targeted by burglars while playing for his country in the Euro 2008 qualifiers. Thieves stole jewellery, drink and football memorabilia. They also went off with his luxury Aston Martin sports car worth over £200,000.

Gangs are known to repeatedly target the homes of Premiership footballers, primarily as they are known for their shorter careers and subsequent flamboyant lifestyles in a ‘buy-it-while-you-can’ lifestyle. Convicted criminal James Birch who raided six footballers’ homes admitted that he timed his break-ins to coincide with football games when he knew that the players would not be at home. Some aren’t so lucky and are often present in the house at the time where burglary often turns to assault.

Stars such as Roque Santa Cruz, Angel Di Maria, Steven Gerrard, Tom Cleverley, Emile Heskey and Jensen Button are recent sports people to have suffered aggravated burglaries.  Henleys offer a solution that makes sense. Fitting a steel interior security door can give you time to call for help and, importantly, protect you and your family.  The door need not look like a security door, we design and build them to fit in with your current décor. Give us a call now to talk about how we can help you to get peace of mind and improve your home security.

Jensen Button gas attack burglary

Reports suggest that burglars who robbed the home of Formula 1 driver Jenson Button and his wife Jessica pumped gas into the house to put the couple and their friends to sleep.

According to Mr Button’s spokesman, the two intruders stole £300,000 ($464,000) of jewellery from the rented villa in Saint Tropez, including Mrs Button’s engagement ring.

The suspicion that gas was used – a claim made by Mr Button’s spokesman and one that police would not comment directly on – echoes reports of previous attacks against wealthy individuals and celebrities.

Former Arsenal footballer Patrick Vieira said he and his family were knocked out by gas during a 2006 raid on their home in Cannes. And in 2002, British television stars Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine said they were gassed while attending the Cannes Film Festival.

Henleys Security Doors have been fitting intelligent and cost-effective solutions to these types of celebrity attacks and can provide you with a safe place to sleep in, or retreat to, where your valuables can also remain protected. Contact us for a quote now

News source: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-33821661