Tom Cleverley victim of baseball bat & armed raid on Manchester home

Armed thieves stole 2 cars, expensive handbags and jewellery from Premier League footballer Tom Cleverley’s Manchester home. Both Cleverley and his wife, Georgina Dorsett, were in the house. Mrs Dorsett is also a high profile celebrity being an ex-TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) star. Their 2 year old daughter was also present but fortunately all 3 are unhurt, though obviously shaken by the event.

Everton midfielder Cleverley has explained how his family were violently threatened with baseball bats in the recent raid on his mansion by armed robbers. The stolen items include watches, jewellery and 2 very expensive Range Rovers.

The horrible part of this crime, and one that is becoming more commonplace, is that they were both present inside the externally gated house at the time, spending a quiet night in with their 2 year old daughter. Burglars carry out more ‘callous’ raids when people are present in their properties and violence is often threatened or carried out. The solution we offer gives you a safe place to retreat to, giving you time to request help and protecting your loved ones. Valuables and car keys etc. can also be kept in this room as well, further bolstering your security and minimizing losses.