Shield Security Doors Limited administration

shield security doors limited insolvent administration help

Since the news broke that one of our competitors, Shield Security Doors Limited, went into administration in March 2017, we have been asked on several occasions if we are able to finish jobs that were originally started by them or quoted for by their sales team.


We would like to point out that we are in no way affiliated with Shield Security Doors Limited, their insolvency, suppliers, liquidators, or administrators.

Whilst we can’t help with any of their deposit refunds for obvious reasons, we are able to fit our own security doors to your home and business premises at extremely keen prices. This may help you to finish a project that you currently have unfinished with them. Here are a few common questions with answers:


Q. Can you finish a job that was a high security external door installation?

A. Yes, we offer one of the strongest external security doors available, made-to-measure and in most finishes.
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Q. Can you provide internal security doors that match our other doors?

A. Yes, we hide our steel core in a solid wood outer and can even reinforce your interior walls right up to bullet-proof standards.

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Q. Do you provide safe rooms and gun rooms?

A. Yes, our team can manufacture and install a complete safe room for your valuables, guns etc that also keeps your family or staff safe from intruders or attackers.

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Q. Are you based in the UK and do you buy in your doors or manufacture them?

A. Yes, we are a UK company, based in the UK and we manufacture our own doors right here in the UK too. From the metal fabrication used in our steel cored doors right through to finish joinery we do everything ourselves. Consequently, we are not affected by import restrictions, shipping timing and other countries’ politics (and there is a lot of that going on currently!).


Importantly, we can also finish any job that was started by Shield and abandoned when they went into administration. It’s sad when customers get directly affected by insolvency, receivership or administration like this but we’ll try to help where we can. Our product is superior to others on the market and we can provide you with at least the level of security that you originally ordered from Shield Security Doors, in most cases more.

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