Residential security door

The Importance of Security Doors in Your Home

The importance of security doors in your home is often significantly overlooked by a homeowner. But the truth is that if you want to protect your residence from a potentially aggravated burglary, it’s important to have at least one strong secure door to create a safe space.

There are many reasons why these physical security measures are an important investment for your home, the main reason is to help keep intruders out and provide peace of mind that you, your loved ones, and your valuables are safe while you wait for help to arrive.

They are not just for homes. They can also be for businesses, schools, museums, high-end retail shops, luxury hotels, private members’ clubs, prisons, etc…

Safe doors have been around since ancient times. The first known locks found in Mesopotamia date back to 4000 BC. People still use these locks today but with much more advanced technology than what was used back then.

How do Residential Security Doors work?

Reinforced domestic doors have locking mechanisms that secure into the steel frame bolting the door shut and are designed to safeguard people and everything they value within their homes.

They should have three basic parts: a secure frame, locks, and hinges.

The frame should be steel. The locking mechanisms should extend into the frame sufficiently that firmly secure the door when locked. The hinges are used to allow the door to open and close easily in both directions while offering security. The hinges also support the weight of the door.

Choosing the Best Safety Door for Your Home

Choosing the right safety door for your home is a very important decision. For you to choose confidently, you should know the different types of doors available, what they offer in terms of security and how they fit into your daily home life.

Below we will cover the pros and cons of Henleys Security Doors, which have a steel core with a timber finish and Security Doors and are made & finished with steel that other companies offer.

Timber Security Doors with a Steel Core


Henleys’ timber doors with a concealed steel core are just as strong as non-clad reinforced doors and in most cases stronger. The main difference is that the timber finish hides the steel core and steel frame. These timber-clad doors are purposely manufactured and designed to blend into a home without standing out as a safety door as there is no steel showing. With our bespoke service, doors can be manufactured in almost any size, design and finish to suit individual needs.


Timber-clad steel doors are more expensive than standard steel security doors as they are made completely bespoke to each customer’s requirements. They also take more time to manufacture and install due to the level of detail and care put into the construction of the product.

Cheaper Steel Security Doors


Plain steel security doors that some other companies offer can have similar accreditations.


A steel finish is not considered aesthetically pleasing by most buyers. Especially as an interior feature as they may draw attention to the home which in turn could provoke a burglary. Steel security doors are usually much thicker than domestic timber ones (timber starts from 52mm & steel starts from approximately 85mm). Timber doors are also often manufactured in bulk meaning the design choices are limited, making it difficult to match the style of a home.


It’s entirely your choice when it comes to choosing the style of a burglar resistance door you desire. It usually comes down to your main priority, whether that be budget, security, aesthetics, or both aesthetics and security. However, the level of reinforcement required to protect you and everything you love will depend on a few other factors.

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